This DVD and book were made by Stefaan Sinnaeve and Jacqueline Friesen. We are an independent filmmaker and photographer and have previously released work on the Connemara region in Ireland and the city of Brugge in Belgium. We have future projects lined up for the Eolian Islands of Sicily and the Greek Islands. These future projects will take a more ‘nautical’ approach as they will be focused on visiting these places by boat. Our first two DVDs carried the titles ‘Impressions of ’ and were mere land based viewpoints. ‘Les Calanques’ and future projects will drop the ‘Impressions of’ part of the title but will be made and edited aboard ‘Impressions’, our Jeanneau Sun Odyssey cruiser. So, if you are a sailor yourself, we might one day find ourselves moored alongside each other.

Friendly regards and may you enjoy and be inspired by the beauty we tried to capture in photographs and video.