Let us take you on a remarkable journey along the French coastline between Marseille and La Ciotat, along with a scenic detour to the neighbouring Frioul Islands. We will explore the majestic ‘Massif des Calanques’ in the Bouches-du-Rhône area of France and in so doing, discover the unique and breathtaking beauty of ‘les calanques’, the Mediterranean fjords.

We will hike towering limestone cliffs and steep-sided coastal valleys. We will sail into and around many of the most picturesque of the ‘calanques’, stopping to wander through their quaint towns and charming harbours and we’ll also accompany a local fisherman as he hauls in his catch. Throughout our trip, we’ll encounter kayakers gliding through turquoise waters, sailboats bobbing on anchor, sun worshippers relaxing on secluded beaches, hikers navigating the rocky terrain and rock climbers clinging to vertical surfaces ... all of this in the midst of some of the most incredible scenery in the world.

Filmed in High-Definition and offering ever-changing perspectives from both land and sea, this DVD offers an experience equalled only by having been there yourself. We hope you enjoy our impressions of ‘les calanques’.